You were made to stand out! *Montgomery Family Photographer* Kristi O’Connell

How divine is this group of young people!!!  We combined a Senior session with a sibling session, with a high school sweethearts session.  Add in one mom in front of the camera, one behind the camera, and one behind the scenes and we ended up with a whole lot of fabulousness!.  Loved capturing these special milestones for each of them!

“But No Yoga Pants” *The Woodlands Tween Photographer*

Her last Tween year, so much has happend in the last year and a half.  New school, new friends, MAKE UP!  Our beautiful, conservative, keeps to herself girl came bouncing through the kitchen last week, my husband stopped short and said “what is she wearing?”…”I’m not ready for YOGA pants”

We have Seven kids to raise,  our oldest two are boys, so we are just getting in to this really wonderful… rapidly changing world of teen and tween girls.  And, yes they are different!!  We have been gifted with this enormous weight to raise 5 women who not only can go out and compete on an equal level with anyone, but make sure we continue to raise them to be both wise, and emapathetic to those around them.  Its a much slippery balance with girls.  So much stereo typing comes in to play.  Here I am, essesstially a “Stay at home mom, small business owner, make ends meeter” doing my best to empower my “little” women to be engineers, architects, doctors, maybe a teacher.  We are trying to teach them that they can be anything, but they don’t have to be everything all at once.  And really “the grown ups” in this situation spend half our time still trying to figure out our own path.  Its a fun and crazy adventure… this life.

What I know…

These next few years are going to sail by.  Next year she’ll be a teen and all too soon afterwards we will be checking her into a dorm.  So much will change in these next few growing years, so taking these few minutes on a windy, nasty day to capture who she is right now, is about as essential as breathing.

May we always give them wings to fly and roots to come back to!



Amarillo by Morning *Montogomery Family Photographer*

Where’s the bubble wrap?

I have been dreading it for days, counting down the opportunities to see him until he departs once again for college.  I have seen my friends posts as each one sends “one, two or even three babies”, back out into the world of adulthood.  Why is it so hard?

I am reminded of a water color print I gave my mom a billion years ago when I was a teenager.  It said “a mother holds her children’s hands for a little while, but their hearts forever”  Gosh, in hind sight that saying in like a stab in the heart for a parent.  Who cares if it’s true, a lovely sentiment, but it doesn’t dull the loss of energy.  The energy only that “one” child brings to his family, the completeness.  Tonight we will only need eight plates for dinner, tomorrow he will not be there for his baby sister to run to with open arms. Sunday we will go to church with only six kids in tow.  We will be incomplete… We will be reminded that they are only ours to raise, to house, to watch grow for a short time.  I think it’s God’s way of pulling the band aid off ever so slowly.

And so, as his final minutes at home remained… in the 10 minutes I had… between picking up one sibling and another,  I took a precious minute with just me and this kid.  The boy I use to sneak out of bed and snuggle with (on nights when my own college and work days took me away from him), the independent one who would ask “mommy, how did I get in your bed”  only to accept my lie “you must of had a bad dream” without further question.

52 days till Spring Break!

Country Fall Family *Montogomery Texas Family Photographer*

Working on a few posts that have been in reserve while Christmas cards were mailed and photo gifts distributed.  I am so beyond blessed to have this couple as my friends and clients.  They make that hour “ish” trek from Sugar Land 2 or 3 times a year.  I know they love my images but I think they also know how much I adore these babies.  Love that they brought the parents with them this trip, because we were able to get some really special moments between all of them, big and little.  We took pictures for nearly two hours and their gallery was nearly triple a normal one, but there was just so much heart and love in them, I had to hand the tough decsions over to them.  I value them and the gift of their wonderful family and so grateful for the repeat business and for their love of photography and capturing every milestone of their little ones journies.

A sweet new blessing *Kristi O’Connell Baby Photography*

Meet Miss P, isn’t she just the prettiest baby?  At four weeks old she wasn’t really in the mood to sleep but loved looking around and checking out all the new shapes and shadows, and with eyes like hers, who needs sleep?